DELIVERY: Delivery dates & time are given in good faith by the Company to indicate estimated delivery times but shall not amount to any contractual obligation to deliver at the time stated and is also subject to payment clearance, locality, human error, courier company error and system faultier. The company will accept no liability for direct or consequential loss or damage arising from delay in delivery or if the Customer is not in to sign for the delivery. ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 12 noon MONDAY TO THURSDAY FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY DPD LOCAL.  Please note any orders received after 12 noon THURSDAY up until MONDAY 12 noon will be shipped on MONDAY  BY DPD NEXT DAY DELIVERY. If you are not able to accept your delivery on the day that we inform you it will arrive, you can arrange for the following but ONLY before your goods are dispatched

*In the event of BANK HOLIDAYS {Monday}  all orders will be shipped Tuesday for Next Day Delivery. 

1) Arrange for a different delivery day

2) Ask for parcel to be left with a neighbour at your risk

3) Ask for your parcel to be left safe on your premises, at your risk

4) Contact the courier company to re- arrange for the delivery (additional charges may apply) to be made to you or collection from the depot.

We cannot be held responsible for any spoilage or loss of your goods if you were not there to receive/sign for your delivery. We also take care to ensure products are sent in good condition and packed securely. It will be at the Company’s discretion whether, or not to replace damaged goods due to the courier’s negligence.